Standards provide facilitation of importance of food safety and compliance with guidelines and legislation

The food and beverage industry belongs to the category of industries in which the quality and safety of products are of particular importance because they have a direct impact on the health and life of people. Mobes Group has implemented and certified a number of standards related to the food and beverage industry during its operations, covering the following areas: food safety, packaging and processing, chemical and microbiological analyzes etc. Also, the expert team of consultants offers assessment and certification for food safety management systems and risk management of food safety. Standards related to food and beverage safety are:

ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety System

Adequate control in the processes of preparation, production, and delivery of food is essential for food safety in order to eliminate or reduce the danger to an acceptable level. With the implementation of ISO 22000, the company provides this type of control, and therefore a greater trust of consumers and clients. Learn more about ISO 22000 here.

HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP is of utmost importance for food safety as it aims to ensure the production and marketing of health-safe food. Its application is widespread in the world. HACCP system identifies and controls health hazards that pose a risk to food safety. Learn more about the HACCP standard here.

IFS International Food Standard

IFS is today widely applied to the world standard of food safety control and quality levels of manufacturers. The standard has been developed to check the competence of food manufacturers in terms of safety, but also food quality with the help of one standard, which saves time and money to companies. Learn more about IFS here.

BRC British Retail Consortium

The goal of the BRC standard is to define quality and safety criteria within the production organization to deliver food to retailers, their suppliers or other users of the standards. By implementing this standard, the company establishes a system of self-regulation of quality, hygiene and product safety. Learn more about the BRC standard here.