Responsible forestry management and environmental timber management is promoted by standardization

Forestry includes basic processing of wood cut in the forest, while other processing takes place in special production units of the wood industry. The wood industry is predominantly oriented towards export activities with the basic advantages of preserved production capacities and the existence of a significant raw material base. Standardization in these areas enables the progress of forestry promotion opportunities that have been produced in an environmentally and socially correct manner.

The most commonly used standard in these areas is FSC CoC.

FSC CoC Forest Stewardship Council

Observed at the global level, there are increasing problems of responsible forest management and the FSC CoC standard aims to provide the highest level of quality assurance in forestry, wood industry and the paper industry. By obtaining a FSC label for a product, companies operating in the field of forestry and timber industry are more easily approaching the market, as they show that they give equal attention to forest resources as well as their clients. Learn more about the FSC CoC standard here.