GlobalGAP Standard

Continually improve your business with the GlobalGAP

As the world’s leading agricultural production standard, recognized in over 120 countries worldwide, GlobalGAP is a system that aims to establish safe and sustainable agricultural production.

Covering all phases of production, from land preparation to storage of final product, GlobalGAP simultaneously helps farmers obtain certification for their product and connects them with chain store owners, enabling them to more easily position their goods in an increasingly competitive market.

Possession of GlobalGAP certification makes it clear that your goods are completely healthy and safe, which enables you to achieve greater consumer trust in your products, and therefore comes the opportunity to increase your production and generate higher sales revenue.

Also, this standard encourages and helps farmers in taking care of natural resources and the environment, that is, to establish responsible water use, energy efficiency and pollution control.

1. Benefits

Find out what the GlobalGAP (Standard of Good Agricultural Practice) really is and what makes it suitable for your business.

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2. Implementation

Find out the best way to implement GlobalGAP and how our company can help you with this.

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3. Certification

Make an independent assessment of the standard implemented and obtain certification for your system.

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4. Maintenance

Make sure your system is constantly growing and evolving to deliver the best solutions for your business.

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1. Benefits

GlobalGAP brings many benefits to organizations, and among other things, the implementation and certification of this standard enables the following:

• Reducing the risk of producing unsafe food;

• Easier placing of goods on the market and establishing cooperation with suppliers and retail chains;

• Establishing a more efficient and organized business;

• Reduction in costs due to a reduction in the number of farm inspections;

• Harmonizing the business with legal standards regarding food safety and health of workers;

2. Implementation

Whether you are investing in GlobalGAP to improve your business or in response to a buyer’s request, the implementation of this standard requires good preparation.

When implementing GlobalGAP, our team of consultants is will help you to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the standard, with a view to its successful implementation.

3. Certification

During certification, manufacturers choose one of the four options:

Option 1: individual certification of the agricultural producer;

Option 2: group certification of agricultural producers associations (e.g. cooperatives) introduced by GlobalGAP Management System.

The certification process is carried out through the following steps:

• Certification implies a visit by an appraiser to determine compliance with Global GAP requirements, proposing innovative ideas regarding the fulfillment of requirements and proposing improvement measures;

• The certificate partly serves for communication between manufacturers and traders;

• Households are regularly checked once a year;

• Certification refers to registered areas and products of individual producers (producer groups, cooperatives), and the certificate is valid for one year.

At any time, verification of the GlobalGAP Certificate may be done through the Internet database, through a unique GlobalGAP number assigned to each manufacturer.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance of GlobalGAP is carried out on a regular basis by our consultant to make sure that you are meeting the requirements of the system, upgrading the system and thus improving the methods of work on your farm.

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Popular courses and training for GlobalGAP

We use effective learning techniques to make sure that you fully understand all the requirements of GlobalGAP. This type of training consists of lectures and workshops of interactive parts, which allow you to give your opinion and present your views, practical examples and the like.

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