ISO 22301

Business Continuity System

Continually improve your business with the world’s most famous business continuity system

Every company, organization, consortium or institution in the world strives to make its business stable, constant and successful. However, also, every company or organization, regardless of its size and activity, is subject to a certain negative circumstance, that is, sooner or later, it comes to the situation that the higher force directly threatens its business and financial success, causing temporary or permanent damage to the image and rating of that company.

For this reason, the ISO 22301 business continuity system was set up, which serves primarily to reduce the risk of going into unwanted and unforeseen situations, and then to reduce the negative impact on the company resulting from such circumstances. In other words, the ISO 22301 system allows organizations to easily overcome a sudden crisis period, or to pass through it with minimal or no business losses.

The advantages of implementing and certifying the ISO 22301 system are:

  • Identifying and managing current and future business threats to your organization;
  • Take a proactive approach to reducing the impact of incidents;
  • Enabling important functions to be operational during the crisis;
  • Reducing downtime during incidents and reducing the time needed to recover the company;
  • Creating a public image of a ready organization that faces threats from its surroundings in an effective way.

Also, in case you have already started with the implementation of ISO 22301, we can help you to complete the entire process more easily and thus gain more benefits from the continuity management system.

Just select the phase in which you are and begin today with creating a better future for your business.

1. Introduction

Find out what the ISO 22301 Business Continuity System really is and what makes it suitable for your business.

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2. Implementation

Find out the best way to implement ISO 22301 and how our company can help you with this.

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3. Certification

Make an independent assessment of the standard implemented and obtain certification for your system.

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4. Maintenance

Make sure your system is constantly growing and evolving to deliver the best solutions for your business.

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1. Introduction

ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity, which uses the success of the British Standard BS 25999 and other regional standards. It is designed to protect your organization from potential disturbances. These disruptions do not include extreme weather conditions, fire, floods, natural disasters, theft, IT outflow, employee illness, or terrorist attack. The ISO 22301 system allows you to identify threats to your company and critical business functions that can be affected. It also allows you to make plans to continue with normal business.

Regardless of whether you are investing in ISO 22301 to improve your business or in response to environmental requirements, implementation of this standard requires good preparation. We offer you methods and technical experts to gain confidence and start the process of implementation.

2. Implementation

Work with us on the implementation of ISO 22301 and you will be able to identify and protect the most important business functions, reducing the risk to your company and achieving long-term success.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the nature of your business, ISO 22301 simplifies business continuity management, while saving you time and money. The threats you face are specific to your organization in the same way as the functions that you consider important. That’s why we offer customized packages that help you put business continuity in the first place. The standard ISO 22301 can be customized to include only the products and services needed by your company.

Implementation tips ISO 22301:

1. Ensure the support and commitment of senior management;

2. Activate the whole company with good internal communication;

3. Compare existing business continuity management systems with ISO 22301 requirements;

4. Establish and determine a team for implementation;

5. Identify the roles, responsibilities, and the timing of the implementation activities;

6. Adapt the basic principles of ISO 22301 to your company;

7. Motivate the involvement of staff through training;

8. Share knowledge of the ISO 22301 standard and encourage staff to be trained as internal auditors;

10. Continualy evaluate your ISO 22301 system to make sure it is effective and to keep it up-to-date.

3. Certification

Create new opportunities for your organization and meet supply chain requirements through ISO 22301 certification. Fulfill your organizational resistance expectations and prove that you are using the best business continuity practice.

Once you reach the ISO 22301 certification level, you will be able to show your customers and stakeholders that you are ready to continue doing business in the event of a serious incident or disaster. This is a good opportunity to promote your business and show that you are a trusted partner, which could open up new business opportunities for the organization.

Certification steps ISO 22301:

1. Analysis of nonconformity

The non-compliance analysis is an optional activity that is carried out before the assessment itself. We will look closely at your existing business continuity management activities and compare them with the requirements of ISO 22301. This is a cost-effective way to check if there are areas to be improved before a formal assessment is made.

2. Formal assessment

A formal assessment is a two-step process. At first, the consultant will review the readiness of your organization for the assessment, checking the necessary procedures of ISO 22301 and the control methods developed here. Details of our analyses will be shared with you and in case of discrepancies, you will be able to solve them. In the case when all requirements are met, it switches to the assessment of the level of implementation of procedures and control within the organization, according to the requirements of ISO 22301 certification.

3. Certification

Once the level of certification is achieved, you will receive the ISO 22301 certificate valid for three years, subject to an annual check. With this certificate, you have formal evidence that your organization operates in accordance with quality requirements and thus not only takes care of internal resources and processes, but also demands of clients and other stakeholders.

4. Maintenance

The implementation of ISO 22301 standards is not only about certification, but also provides guidance on how to constantly improve your organization. Maintenance of the ISO 22301 system is carried out by regular visits by a consultant to make sure that you implement the system requirements, improve the system and thus add value to your organization.

Some of the basic activities in maintaining the ISO 22301 system are:

• Revision of documentation and ongoing harmonization, both with the applicable legal regulations, and with the latest issues of international standards;

• Training of new employees for implementation and maintenance of the implemented standard;

• Analysis of data obtained using ISO 22301;

• Conducting internal audits;

• Advising and participating in proposing corrective  measures;

• Customer satisfaction analysis;

• Consulting and participating in the review of ISO 22301 by management.

Popular courses and training for ISO 22301

We use accelerated learning techniques to make sure that you fully understand all the requirements of ISO 22301. This type of training consists of lectures and workshops of interactive parts, which allow you to give your opinion and present your views, practical examples and the like. Learn more about ISO 22301 training.