ISO 39001

Road Traffic Safety System

Continually improve your business with the international road traffic safety system

The internationally recognized standard ISO 39001 sets out requirements for a Road Traffic Safety System in order to enable the organization in the road transport system to function in terms of reducing the dead and severely injured in accidents to which an organization may be affected.

In short, the ISO 39001 standard helps companies and organizations to:

  • Contribute to national and global efforts to prevent deaths and serious bodily injuries caused by traffic accidents;
  • Show themselves as a collective that takes great care of the safety of their employees, their clients and associates, but also all the citizens of the community they belong to;
  • Reduce the costs incurred due to traffic accidents, avoid organizational complications in business resulting from these accidents, and reduce the number of absences from the workplace;
  • Efficiently use their existing resources to contribute to road safety.

Regardless of whether you have just decided to implement ISO 39001 into your company or have already started this process, the Mobes Group is there to help you complete your business much easier.

Just select the phase you are in and start today with creating a better future for your organization.

1. Introduction

Find out what the ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety System really is and what makes it suitable for your business.

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2. Implementation

Find out the best way to implement ISO 39001 and how our company can help you with this.

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3. Certification

Make an independent assessment of the standard implemented and obtain certification for your system.

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4. Maintenance

Make sure your system is constantly growing and evolving to deliver the best solutions for your business.

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1. Introduction

Discover the best way to start with ISO 39001 road traffic safety implementation and find out why this standard can contribute to any type of business, regardless of whether it’s large or small organizations.

ISO 39001 will help your organization to contribute to road safety and to avoid any unnecessary adverse effects caused by possible incidents involving employees in your organization. This standard is an important tool for improving your business and processes that will improve your image in the public and on the market.

Good preparation is crucial to get the best out of ISO 39001. We offer customade documentation and technical experts to gain confidence and start the process of implementing ISO 39001.

2. Implementation

Regardless of whether you are investing in the ISO 39001 standard to improve your business or in response to a tender request, the implementation of this standard requires good preparation.

When implementing ISO 39001, our team of consultants is will help you to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the standard, with a view to its successful implementation.

How to apply ISO 39001?

Regardless of whether it is a large or small organization that implements ISO 39001, there are a number of elements that must be considered during this process.

ISO 39001 is a standard for improving your business, and employee engagement is also very important when implementing this system, with special attention to those who will manage the Road traffic safety management system. It is neccessary that they are trained enough to effectively implement the system.

Mobes Group is here to help you eliminate all the difficulties associated with the implementation of ISO 39001 standards, with simple set of tools and services we offer. Find out how well you are prepared and Request a Quote.

Tips for the implementation of ISO 39001:

1. Provide support and commitment of senior management;

2. Ensure good internal communication in the entire business;

3. Compare your existing road traffic safety management systems with the requirements of ISO 39001;

4. Establish and determine a team for implementation;

5. Plan and assign roles, duties and responsibilities;

6. Adapt ISO 39001 road safety management requirements to your business;

7. Motivate employee involvement with various training;

8. Share your knowledge of ISO 39001 with employees and encourage them to train for internal auditors;

9. Continualy evaluate your road traffic safety management system to make sure it is constantly improving.

3. Certification

Certification steps ISO 39001:

1. Analysis of nonconformity

The non-compliance analysis is an optional activity that is carried out before the assessment itself. We will look closely at your existing Road Traffic Safety Management System and compare it with the requirements of ISO 39001. It is a truly cost-effective way to check if there are areas to be improved before a formal assessment is made.

2. Formal assessment

A formal assessment is a two-step process. First, a consultant will review the readiness of your organization for the assessment, by checking the necessary procedures of the ISO 39001 standard and the control methods developed therein. Details of our analyzes will be shared with you and in case of discrepancies, you will have the opportunity to solve them. In the case when all requirements are met, it goes beyond the assessment of the level of implementation of procedures and control within the organization, according to the requirements of ISO 39001 certification.

3. Certification

Once the level of certification is achieved, you will receive a certificate of ISO 39001 which has a validity of three years, subject to an annual check. With this certificate, you have formal evidence that your organization is operating in accordance with the requirements of ISO 39001 and in this way takes care not only of internal resources and processes, but also about the requirements of clients and other stakeholders.

4. Maintenance

The implementstion of ISO 39001 is not only about certification, but also because it gives you guidance on how to constantly improve your organization. Maintenance of road traffic safety management system is carried out by regular visits by a consultant to make sure that you not only implement the requirements of ISO 39001, but also that the system itself improves and adds value to your organization.

Popular courses and training for ISO 39001

We use accelerated learning techniques to make sure that you fully understand all the requirements of ISO 39001. This type of training consists of lectures and workshops of interactive parts, which allow you to give your opinion and present your views, practical examples and the like.

Learn more about ISO 39001 training.