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As active drivers for sustainable development, multiple companies are proactively searching for alternatives to fossil-based raw materials. Several manufacturers are making synthetic materials using as their base starch, cellulose, lactic acid, “bacterial fat”, etc. By so doing, these companies contribute in an innovative manner to resolving the economic and environmental problem of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

As a result of the increased environmental awareness among customers, there is a growing market for products on a basis of renewable raw materials. And that environmentally conscious motivation on the part of customers is exactly the reason why there is a need for an independent, high-quality guarantee of the renewability of raw materials. The “OK biobased” certification meets that need perfectly.

Owing to the comparatively smaller volume of waste involved, the temperature in a garden compost heap is clearly lower and less constant than in an industrial composting environment. This is why composting in the garden is a more difficult, slower-paced process.

Packaging or products featuring the OK compost Industrial label are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives.

1. Benefits

Find out what the OK Compost really is and what makes it suitable for your business.

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2. Certification

Make an independent assessment of the standard implemented and obtain certification for your system.

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3. Maintenance

Make sure your system is constantly growing and evolving to deliver the best solutions.

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1. Benefits

By having your claim confirmed by an independent control body:

– Your credibility increases;

– A standout from the other competing firms;

– It ensures fair competition between trustworthy players who, incidentally, are largely in support of our certification marks;

– Moreover, although you have nothing to hide, you would also prefer your precise product composition not to be disclosed or leaked. You want the control body to have a policy of treating all data 100% confidentially.

2. Certification

Regardless of whether it is a large or small organization that implements OK Compost, there are a number of elements that must be considered during this process.

OK Compost is a powerful tool for improving your business and therefore you will need to consider the way you manage your business and what your strategic goals are.

Mobes Group is here to help you eliminate all the difficulties associated with obtaining OK Compost certification, with our simple set of tools and services that we offer, and you can request our help in a simple way – just Request a Quote.

3. Maintenance

Implementing OK Compost is not only about making sure you are meeting the requirements of the system, but also because it gives you guidance on how to continually improve your organization. OK Compost is maintained on a regular basis by our consultant, and Mobes Group does the complete preparation and updating of the documentation for you in order to be fully prepared for the certification body visit.

Integration will give you better results

Make the most of OK Compost by integrating with other systems your organization maintains. This allows you to combine how you manage processes that relate to more than one system.

Popular courses and training for OK Compost

We use accelerated learning techniques to make sure you fully understand all the requirements of OK Compost. This type of training consists of lectures and workshops of interactive parts, which allow you to give your opinion and present your views, practical examples etc.

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